Saturday, November 12, 2016

Halloween Ponies

My girls had some elaborate requests this year. A decided she wanted to be a panda or koala, and I thought "yay! That's easy enough! A hoodie and some face paint!" But then Z decided she wanted to be a pony. A My Little Pony. Rainbow Dash, to be specific...with wings and rainbow mane and tail! And of course, her younger sister immediately changed her mind and wanted to be a pony as well...with wings. And since Rainbow was taken, she decided on Twilight Sparkle, who also happens to be a unicorn, so she needed a unicorn horn.  Here are the results!
I used my favourite Bimaa Hoodie pattern from LouBeeClothing for the top and the Halla Lounge Pants from Halla Patterns for the bottoms. And for the ears, manes, tails, wings, and unicorn horn I adapted the instructions from Stitch and Pink.
It took a while, but it was definitely worth it! The pants can be worn anytime because the tails are attached to a wide elastic waistband and the hoodies are fun for those days you want to show off your inner pony :)

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