Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Six-Fold Tie: Pink and Blue Silk Brocade

I have finally tackled the Six-fold tie again.  This is a perfect tie, where the weight of the fabric and many folds actually add to the body of the tie.  This means that you don't have to add strange filling material to give the tie shape.  The tip of the tie is also self-lined (meaning that the fabric for the tie is the same as the fabric for that diamond shaped bit on the other side.  Adding a self-tipped section makes a tie look much fancier.

Unfortunately, the silk I chose, a Chinese silk brocade, was quite heavy and led to a slightly thicker tie than I had wanted to create.  Next time, I will go the normal route and use a lighter silk for the tip when using brocade fabrics.   It's okay, though.  My husband still loves it and he wore it to work today, so it must be presentable enough.

A regular tie just uses two folds and must be filled with a layer of felt to give the tie shape and body.  From the front, no one would ever know the difference between a regular tie and a six-fold, but the final result is much more exquisite.  And knowing that you have all those layers of silk is a glorious little secret.

Here is an example of an opened up six-fold tie, so you can see the folds:

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