Sunday, October 30, 2011

Zombie At Large

For Halloween this year, Mr. Iron Press requested a zombie costume with full make-up...including creepy eyes.  The creepy eyes exhausted our Halloween budget, so my costume is a little less elaborate this year than in years past.

After watching ~10 videos on zombie makeup techniques, I felt I was ready for the challenge - including latex scars - pretty realistic looking ones, if I do say so myself although the pics aren't of the best quality - I will try to update with better ones.

Creepy Zombie Eyes:

Realistic Latex Scars:

Zombie at Home - full make-up, but costume still lacks the "right" amount of blood:

Zombie at the bar after a long day of work:

Zombie and Cat - can you even see my ears? I didn't even have time to add the whiskers!

Et Voila! A perfect Halloween night - Mr. Iron Press even got a 10 for costume from some impromptu judges at Starbucks!

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